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How long does it take for my orders to process?

Upon confirmation of payment, the item will be processed for shipment within the same business day

How long will the item be shipped?

It will take a maximum of 5 days for the item to be shipped

How do I make the payment?

Payments must be made through credit card. We process the payment securely using stripe payments

How do I return an item?

You may request a Return Authorization letter. Please refer to our return policy for more details

What if I need clarifications?

For any further details or clarifications, you may contact Empire Pet Needs either through the chat option, or contact our 24/7 support at +1 302 643 9023, or simply email us at

Do we ship internationally?

As of the moment, Empire Pet Needs do not ship internationally. We operate only within the USA.

Where do we ship from?

Empire Pet Needs currently ships from the U.S.A

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